"In the last year Direct Access has saved our family over $800 in dental care costs. Thank you!"
"I went in for a basic cleaning, exam, and x-rays. The dentist found 2 cavities that I needed filled. When all was done the dentist's bill before Direct Access was $514 with Direct Access I paid $254. That saved me $260!"
"Direct Access is great because it's simple: you save money - more than the membership fee! Nobody can make going to the dentist "fun" or "cheap," but Direct Access makes it considerably less expensive. I've never had a client complain that they weren't getting their money's worth out of the plan. Also, dentists love the absence of paperwork and forms to submit."
"Direct Access has provided us with significant savings and being on a limited budget we are grateful for that."
"Direct Access has changed the way I offer dental coverage to my clients. This product has helped every one of my clients save money on dental work that needed to be done right away! Most people, including myself, wait until the last minute to rush off to the dentist. Well, there is an answer for that - Direct Access! I'm proud to sell this product daily!"
"I love Direct Access! I've been on the plan personally for a few years now and have many clients on the plan. It is rare that one of my clients doesn't renew. When I compare regular dental insurances to this plan, this is a great value. I also appreciate the helpfulness of the staff when I need help. Thank you, Dentist Direct, for creating a great, cost effective plan and for your service!"
"The Direct Access dental program has been great for me and my clients. It's simple and affordable. The savings it provides has convinced many people to finally visit a Dentist... and with no waiting or limits on use it makes it that much easier."
"The Direct Access membership is simple and easy to use. It more than paid for itself on my family's first visit to the dentist."
Direct Access saved us $780 on our son's orthodontia treatments! Not to mention the savings on our basic dental needs. Direct Access is well worth the investment."
"My dentist sent me to an Endodontist to have some work done on my teeth. Being a senior citizen and on a limited income I was worried about the cost. My dentist made sure that the Endodontist he was sending me to was also in the Direct Access network. I was glad to find out that with just the one visit I needed Direct Access was going to save me $185."
"I saved 25% off my semi-annual cleaning, x-rays, and exam. I was thrilled with Direct Access 25% off was better than the 10% cash discount I had paid in the past."
"I hadn't been to the dentist in a while. I knew going in I was going to need some work. I was glad when my insurance agent told me about Direct Access and that there no waiting to use it. In the end the pain being caused was a tooth that need a root canal and build up and the tooth next to it needed 3 cavities filled. With Direct Access I was able to save $464 on the work I needed. I will no longer put off my dental work due to not being able to afford it."
"In one year Direct Access saved me $148 on my basic dental needs. It was a great treat to have a little extra in my budget."
"Just on 2 simple cavities Direct Access saved me $70. It gives me piece of mind to know that I am receiving the best savings I can at the dentist's office."
"Giving my patients a good deal is important to me. Direct Access members pay the same prices as the big insurance companies. Believe me that's a good deal!"
"I went in with a toothache I was amazed that between the exam and filling for a cavity I saved $195."
"I needed a root canal and my dentist sent me to a specialist due to the difficulty of the location of the tooth and the size of my mouth. I was afraid being a specialist it was going to cost me a lot of money. I was so glad I had Direct Access. It saved me $413!"
"I went in for my 6 month exam and cleaning. It cost me less than $70! That's amazing!"
"The word implant can make anybody nervous, especially when you start hearing costs. Direct Access was a blessing for me. It saved me $1,044 on my implant. When you live on a limited income that is really significant."
"We took our son to the dentist for the first time. When they are so little it is an anxious experience as a parent and a child. Not only does Direct Access save us on our dental visits, but they contract with some great dentists. I am so glad that the Pediatric Dentist we saw participates with Direct Access. He was amazing with our 18 month old and helping learn that the dentist is a friend. And Direct Access saved us $20 on the visit. Thanks!"