July 11

3 Ways to Research Dental Discount Plans

How many times have you heard of a Dental Discount Plan? Probably never. To be honest, it’s the best kept secret, if done right with the right company!

Here are some tips to look at what Discount Plan is right for you, because we know, it may just NOT be for you and that’s OK!

1. It’s not Insurance. It’s smarter.

Insurance is a business, and as a business they have to make money. As much as they are out to help, the best way to stay profitable is by making that money for the company in premiums and fees. When you think of a Dental Discount Plan, think of it as your friend that’s always lucky and gets free stuff or discounts, except these discounts are already pre-negotiated, so your friend is not only lucky, but smart! Direct Access is your lucky friend!

So erase the Insurance mindset and begin with the “Save Today. Enjoy Tomorrow.”

2. Network Size

You always want to look at the network size and see if your dentist is in the network. For you to find your dentist you must look into our website. We have the list of 330,000+ dentists ready for you, even if it’s your current dentist.

3. Price

Math is so not fun, until bills start adding up, then we remember algebra to find that missing money!

Why not do, what I would call “preventive math” it’s free and it finds that money beforehand!

Let’s start with the example of dental insurance. In this Investopedia article we learn that the average for a smaller network insurance plan for an individual is about $225 per year for an individual and $445 for a family.

Basically you are paying $445 for cleanings and x-rays twice a year (if you go), for your family. If there’s anything else needed, well, that’s a whole different story. You will be paying 80% of it.

Direct Access members pay $50* for cleanings and x-rays per person, whenever they go. And they get a discount on all other major procedures from 20-60%.

Essentially leaving you with much better odds of having work done at a lower price.

Dental Insurance sounds classy, but in reality, it’s kind of pricey.

Direct Access Sounds smart, and it saves you money!

In conclusion

If you do the usual cleanings and not much else, Direct Access can help you lower your bill. If you need more procedures, Direct Access can help you. It’s a win-win-win. Yup, we just used that!



*Depending on dentist and network they’re in.