Jul 13

3 Things That Make a Dental Discount Legit


Are these discount plans even legit?


There are many companies out there that have different business models, but I’d like to focus on Direct Access and how WE do things.

Dentist Direct is the parent company of Direct Access. Dentist Direct is a dental insurance company, with a very high reputation. Direct Access uses Dentist Direct’s networks to get you the providers you need!

In other words, the networks Direct Access are currently being used by big companies out there and allow you, the user, to feel more confident knowing these are not outdated networks that were done in the 50’s.

dentist 1950

So here are 3 things to look out for on Dental Discount Plans

1. Updated Network

As mentioned above, the network has to be working and updated. Meaning, it can’t be used on an old network. If it’s old, the dentist may not even respect the discount. Direct Access updates its networks on a constant basis. Click here to find your dentist on our updated network.

2. Customer Service Quality

Do you remember the last time you went to the dentist and felt good because your parents were there to tell you it would be OK? Yeah, we couldn’t either, now it’s us doing the “Everything will be OK” cheer.


Introducing Dentist Direct’s Dental Advocates!

Dental Advocates will help you from signing up to getting your procedure done at the right price. In other words, the dental discount company should count on real people, that know your issues and can help guide you step by step on your dental journey, whether it’s just your usual cleaning to a BIG procedure. They have to be knowledgeable on dental procedures, and help you make the right decisions. Essentially making you feel like everything will be OK, because it will be.

3. Real Discounts, Real Savings

Third but not least, it has to have real savings! Just because Dental Discounts promise that, discounts, doesn’t mean that all companies will have the relationship with the providers to get those discounts, thus increasing the importance on that network, and those Dental Advocates.

Savings will vary, but with Direct Access you can be sure of saving between 20-60% on most all procedures.

Find out more about savings here.

In conclusion

The same way you do your research with everything else (we hope), do your research with these dental discount plans. Compare, do the math, and you will see how saving is much easier.

Save Today. Enjoy Tomorrow.