August 7

Insurance + Discount Plan?

Insurance Matrix

There’s a whole world unknown to the consumer in the insurance world and the more I discover about it, the more excited I get to share it with you!

So we all know what insurance is…right? It’s simple, the first thing we must understand is that Insurance is a business not a charity and their main target is “bottom line” (revenue). If that’s the case than everything in an insurance company (auto, home, life, dental, health) is to help that revenue come in. There’s nothing evil about that, it’s business, and that’s OK!

Discount Plan+Insurance

Is more insurance good? Not necessarily. Here’s the thing, you must understand that the best thing for you is the best thing for you. Let me explain.
If I have a plan that only allows me to have 1 cleaning a year and I need TWO, that’s not the plan for me!

So, find out more about your oral health with your dentist and find the right plan accordingly. You don’t have to be a Dr. to know basics and what the best plan for you may be.

Numbers Never Lie

One of the best ways to know what plan works for you is by doing math! Seriously!

I know, I know, there’s enough math in the calories you’re counting or the amount of seasons left in your favorite show, but trust me, this is has a much better return for you and your wallet.

The math you always want to do is: What you use (divided by) how much you invest in your insurance. ie. 2 cleanings a year/$325=$162.50 per cleaning. See how it may not even make sense to do insurance. For other things it may but most of the time a discount plan is so much cheaper.

Discount Plan (Math)

Let’s do another simple example: If Johnny has 2 mouthwash bottles….just kidding. A basic exam with x-rays is $50¹ X 2 cleanings a year=$100. Yup, that’s it.


Now that we know what and insurance company works for, what about you? Well, like I said, there’s nothing bad about focusing on bottom line, but as a consumer you must also look at ALL of your options.

A dental discount plan is meant to help you save money and pretty much compete with Insurance but if you save more money, go for it! Saving money is never a bad thing, and the better at basic math you get the more you’ll love Direct Access! (Mathematicians are our main target…no they’re not, but they should be!)

¹Price is for Basic Exam (D0120) and 4 Bitewing x-rays (D0274). Pricing is specific to each dentist and plan.
July 14

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Have you ever thought of this? Anything that wants to go inside your body HAS to go in through your mouth? This means that the mouth has to be healthy enough to process every bit of anything that comes in contact with the inside of your body in a healthy way, and if it’s not, well your mouth is taking all the beating!

Here are 3 tips to take care of your oral health so you don’t have consequences later!


1. Clean tools

Let’s take a look at the tools you use to take care of your teeth…oh wait, it’s just a toothbrush so it must be easy, right?…well because it’s so easy, most people don’t even notice it until it’s already too dirty…

So clean your toothbursh, make sure it’s always in mint condition (mint, you get it?).

2. Brush enough times…3 times to be specific

It’s common sense, just make sure you keep your teeth clean. Imagine everytime you soak your teeth in soda when you drink it, YOU would be soaked too, you’d probably take a shower every time you drink or eat right?…We hope so! Remember, healthy mouth, healthy body. (yet another pun).

3. Be kind…to your teeth, that is.

It’s a busy world, but just because you love doing things fast doesn’t mean you have to brush fast. It’s better to brush right, than fast.

Remember, keep your body healthy by keeping your mouth healthy. According to US Health News, “Periodontal disease is the sixth most prevalent chronic condition in the world, affecting 743 million people,” Otomo-Corgel says. “In the United States [alone], [it] affects one in every two adults and 2.5 times more people than diabetes.”1 Periodontal disease is almost an epidemic, so let’s look out for ourselves!

Some things to look out for according to Westermeier Dental:

The way in which you care for your teeth and gums has a powerful impact on your overall physical health.  If you neglect your oral health you may be faced with health problems other than a toothache.

Poor oral health can lead to:

  1. Oral cancer
  2. Heart disease
  3. Bacterial pneumonia
  4. Stroke
  5. Diabetic complications

So take care of yourself in the small ways to help you in the big ways!


1- "Mind Your Mouth: How Oral Health Affects Overall Health" -
 2- "Connection Between Oral Health And Physical Health"