August 3

How To Enjoy Your Dental Visits

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Did You Know?

Among Americans with dental insurance, 57% have left a dental problem like toothache or bleeding gums untreated, many because of a lack of price transparency. According to the 2013 Dental Care Affordability and Accessibility study that number is understandably higher for the uninsured, with nearly 70% avoiding treatment. We get it, going to the dentist is no fun because it’s associated with pain, and loss (of money or teeth in some cases!). It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen the dentist, follow these tips for a cheaper (and therefore more enjoyable) trip to the teeth doctor.

Stop Considering a Dental Discount Plan.

Yup. Stop considering a dental discount, just sign up for one! It’s like signing up for a VIP discount at the dentist. Most likely you will receive a better discount than the usual cash discount your dentist would give you. There are too many pros that you will love. Find out answers to any of your questions here.

Regular Dentist Visits Means Less Pain

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. You know that time you started working out, and you were sore for a week, but after that week you started feeling good and then you stopped? Your body felt so horrible once you started all over again. Well, the exact same thing happens with your teeth. Going to the dentist is like going to the gym to your teeth!


No, it’s no the Aiport Police. (TSA) It’s something much better! We recommend you use your HSA so that you can get some extra benefits! Find out more about what you can do for yourself with an HSA if you don’t yet, or start saving these kind of investments.  Invest in yourself!

Find a Provider Tool

Let’s say you’re ready to get the discount plan for you and your family. Find a dentist near you and make sure he’s in your network! I know, it’s kind of obvious but seriously, this will give you the confidence that you would never get anywhere else. Sometimes we call this tool the Confidence Booster Tool.
When you go to the dentist, you will be sure they are in-network and they can take Direct Access members.

Remember not to wait for a problem to be bigger and more painful. We believe that if you take care of it before with constant checkups, you can save money…and yourself a painful experience!


July 14

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Have you ever thought of this? Anything that wants to go inside your body HAS to go in through your mouth? This means that the mouth has to be healthy enough to process every bit of anything that comes in contact with the inside of your body in a healthy way, and if it’s not, well your mouth is taking all the beating!

Here are 3 tips to take care of your oral health so you don’t have consequences later!


1. Clean tools

Let’s take a look at the tools you use to take care of your teeth…oh wait, it’s just a toothbrush so it must be easy, right?…well because it’s so easy, most people don’t even notice it until it’s already too dirty…

So clean your toothbursh, make sure it’s always in mint condition (mint, you get it?).

2. Brush enough times…3 times to be specific

It’s common sense, just make sure you keep your teeth clean. Imagine everytime you soak your teeth in soda when you drink it, YOU would be soaked too, you’d probably take a shower every time you drink or eat right?…We hope so! Remember, healthy mouth, healthy body. (yet another pun).

3. Be kind…to your teeth, that is.

It’s a busy world, but just because you love doing things fast doesn’t mean you have to brush fast. It’s better to brush right, than fast.

Remember, keep your body healthy by keeping your mouth healthy. According to US Health News, “Periodontal disease is the sixth most prevalent chronic condition in the world, affecting 743 million people,” Otomo-Corgel says. “In the United States [alone], [it] affects one in every two adults and 2.5 times more people than diabetes.”1 Periodontal disease is almost an epidemic, so let’s look out for ourselves!

Some things to look out for according to Westermeier Dental:

The way in which you care for your teeth and gums has a powerful impact on your overall physical health.  If you neglect your oral health you may be faced with health problems other than a toothache.

Poor oral health can lead to:

  1. Oral cancer
  2. Heart disease
  3. Bacterial pneumonia
  4. Stroke
  5. Diabetic complications

So take care of yourself in the small ways to help you in the big ways!


1- "Mind Your Mouth: How Oral Health Affects Overall Health" -
 2- "Connection Between Oral Health And Physical Health"
July 13

3 Things That Make a Dental Discount Legit

Are these discount plans even legit?


There are many companies out there that have different business models, but I’d like to focus on Direct Access and how WE do things.

Dentist Direct is the parent company of Direct Access. Dentist Direct is a dental insurance company, with a very high reputation. Direct Access uses Dentist Direct’s networks to get you the providers you need!

In other words, the networks Direct Access are currently being used by big companies out there and allow you, the user, to feel more confident knowing these are not outdated networks that were done in the 50’s.

dentist 1950

So here are 3 things to look out for on Dental Discount Plans

1. Updated Network

As mentioned above, the network has to be working and updated. Meaning, it can’t be used on an old network. If it’s old, the dentist may not even respect the discount. Direct Access updates its networks on a constant basis. Click here to find your dentist on our updated network.

2. Customer Service Quality

Do you remember the last time you went to the dentist and felt good because your parents were there to tell you it would be OK? Yeah, we couldn’t either, now it’s us doing the “Everything will be OK” cheer.


Introducing Dentist Direct’s Dental Advocates!

Dental Advocates will help you from signing up to getting your procedure done at the right price. In other words, the dental discount company should count on real people, that know your issues and can help guide you step by step on your dental journey, whether it’s just your usual cleaning to a BIG procedure. They have to be knowledgeable on dental procedures, and help you make the right decisions. Essentially making you feel like everything will be OK, because it will be.

3. Real Discounts, Real Savings

Third but not least, it has to have real savings! Just because Dental Discounts promise that, discounts, doesn’t mean that all companies will have the relationship with the providers to get those discounts, thus increasing the importance on that network, and those Dental Advocates.

Savings will vary, but with Direct Access you can be sure of saving between 20-60% on most all procedures.

Find out more about savings here.

In conclusion

The same way you do your research with everything else (we hope), do your research with these dental discount plans. Compare, do the math, and you will see how saving is much easier.

Save Today. Enjoy Tomorrow.


July 11

3 Ways to Research Dental Discount Plans

How many times have you heard of a Dental Discount Plan? Probably never. To be honest, it’s the best kept secret, if done right with the right company!

Here are some tips to look at what Discount Plan is right for you, because we know, it may just NOT be for you and that’s OK!

1. It’s not Insurance. It’s smarter.

Insurance is a business, and as a business they have to make money. As much as they are out to help, the best way to stay profitable is by making that money for the company in premiums and fees. When you think of a Dental Discount Plan, think of it as your friend that’s always lucky and gets free stuff or discounts, except these discounts are already pre-negotiated, so your friend is not only lucky, but smart! Direct Access is your lucky friend!

So erase the Insurance mindset and begin with the “Save Today. Enjoy Tomorrow.”

2. Network Size

You always want to look at the network size and see if your dentist is in the network. For you to find your dentist you must look into our website. We have the list of 330,000+ dentists ready for you, even if it’s your current dentist.

3. Price

Math is so not fun, until bills start adding up, then we remember algebra to find that missing money!

Why not do, what I would call “preventive math” it’s free and it finds that money beforehand!

Let’s start with the example of dental insurance. In this Investopedia article we learn that the average for a smaller network insurance plan for an individual is about $225 per year for an individual and $445 for a family.

Basically you are paying $445 for cleanings and x-rays twice a year (if you go), for your family. If there’s anything else needed, well, that’s a whole different story. You will be paying 80% of it.

Direct Access members pay $50* for cleanings and x-rays per person, whenever they go. And they get a discount on all other major procedures from 20-60%.

Essentially leaving you with much better odds of having work done at a lower price.

Dental Insurance sounds classy, but in reality, it’s kind of pricey.

Direct Access Sounds smart, and it saves you money!

In conclusion

If you do the usual cleanings and not much else, Direct Access can help you lower your bill. If you need more procedures, Direct Access can help you. It’s a win-win-win. Yup, we just used that!



*Depending on dentist and network they’re in.